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Mrs Wilkinson
Mrs Wilkinson
Class Teacher
Inkpen Class – Foundation

Class Teacher: Mrs Wilkinson
TA: Mrs Townsend

Here you will be able to find out what is happening in our class as the year progresses, I hope you find this useful.
We generally work on a topic based curriculum linked to our literacy theme.




Stars of the Week are chosen each week for anything from always being ready to learn to making fantastic progress in key areas of learning. The stars receive a certificate and golden sticker in Whole School Celebration assembly.

Summer Term, 2018:

Thank goodness Spring has finally sprung, we were getting way too frustrated not being able to get all our planting started, but finally it’s here and our first flowers are looking lovely. We hope that you enjoyed the festivities at the end of last term and have had a good break. The children have come back to school with great enthusiasm and willingness to learn.

This term our topic is Castles.  Here is our Castles Topic Web

Personal, Social and Health Education

The children’s love of Star Wars has helped us to develop our own unique form of positivity for our learning.We are all Jedis in training and Yoda is helping us the learn the skills that help us to learn.   Each morning the children will now come into school and collect their ‘Jedi pass’ and post it in Yoda’s “Ready to learn, I am” box. We are concentrating on behaviour for learning this term and the children are learning how to be ready to learn. as a class we have devised a list of behaviours which show that we are ready to learn such as “good looking” and “good thinking”. We will also look at quotes from Yoda to help us understand how to learn.

The children have begun to bring photos of themselves with their family so that they can talk about them to the rest of the class, please keep sending them in. We will also be covering how to stay friends and bullying this term.

Literacy and Communication

We will be using our topic to enhance our literacy, using traditional stories and non-fiction to find out more.

Phonics and Reading

If you still have a story sack at home then please return it as soon as possible so that we have a full set for next year’s intake. If it has been lost then please let us know. The children are getting ready to move on to year one and their reading is improving rapidly. Please help them to keep this momentum going by reading with them as often as possible. Please also take the opportunity to develop your own and your child’s interest in stories and reading, we continue to endeavour to instil a lifelong love of books and stories with all our families.

The children receive a directed phonics session everyday at school to enable them to begin to read for themselves and begin their own love of stories. We will continue to consolidate single letter sounds and blending these to read simple words whilst moving on to digraphs (two letters, one sound, e.g. sh, oa, ee). The children will also continue to learn to segment words into all their sounds in order to write simple words phonically. This term the children are learning to hear sounds in consonent clusters (such as ‘sl’,  ‘gr’, ‘fr’) the second consonent in these words is often not heard by the children as they try to segment. Please help your child with these sounds as often as you can.


Most children now have a good understanding of the numbers 1-10 and will continue to consolidate and play with these numbers, learning about how they work together. We will be working on developing our recognition of numbers 1-20 and knowing one more or one less than a number. This term in particular we will look at using a numberline to help us to add 2 or even 3 to any number to 20. We will have fun with patterns and shape, exploring and investigating properties, along with learning about measure and beginning to look at money and time. We have begun our “Beat That” challenges (known as CLICs) with some children already onto CLIC 3. Each challenge works towards answering ten questions based on numbers.  I will inform parents as the children complete the challenges through Tapestry, if you would like to know more then please come and see me.

Family Toolkit

Also, please continue to look out for fun maths activities to do at home. These are in your green book.

Understanding the World

We hope to tap into the children’s natural curiosity for the world around them, if you have any photos of you and your children on family holidays near a castle then please send them in so the children can tell their friends all about their adventures.  Additionally, each fortnight the Foxes and Squirrels will spend an afternoon in Forest School, based in the community woodland or the school nature area. Here they will learn about the creatures in the wood and how they survive through structured play and fun activities, lead by the children’s own curiosities. This term we are learning to build houses made of sticks, just like in The 3 Little Pigs.

Forest School

At the beginning of each term I send out a rota for volunteers for Forest School. Please be aware that we need to have volunteers every week for Forest School to happen. This is for the safety of all involved. If we do not have the volunteers we cannot run the session, please look out for the rotas.


We are very excited about the  community allotment in the West Hanney allotments. Getting the plot to a state that we can begin to plant crops is proving to be challenging. However we do have plans for a turf cutter and rotavator and we are planting seedlings in pots so that we will have something to plant once the space is ready. This is available for all parents in Pre-school and Reception. You should all have received an email about plans for this project, if you didn’t then they have been added to the top of this page. w I have been going out with some older children who are keen to get their hands dirty and we have been moving the raspberry canes and planting up some herbs. If you have a spare afternoon and would like to help out at the allotment please let me know as we can be flexible with our timetable.


We will be learning about New life and awe and wonder.

As always, if you have any questions or would like to talk about your child with one of our team then please let us know.

Mrs Sharon Wilkinson

Mrs Sharon Townsend



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