Year 5 – Rowling Class

Welcome to Rowling Class – Year  5

Mrs Richards
Mrs Richards
Class Teacher
Shakespeare Class – Year 5
Mrs Peacock
Head Teacher
Shakespeare Class – Year 5

Class Teacher: Mrs Richards (Mon, Wed, Thur, Fri) and Mrs Peacock (Tue)
TAs: Mrs Munns

Rowling class is the Year 5 class at St James. We will keep you up to date with all the things we have been doing on this page, as well as letting you know about upcoming events. We will also be using Class Dojo to keep you up to date with what is going on in the class, and share our achievements.  Please contact Mrs Richards if you need another copy of your personal login details.

Our Topic this term will be around the BIG QUESTION..’Was was life like for children during World War Two?’ We will be learning about how the second world war started before exploring why life was like for children in Britain, Germany and Poland.  We will also be thinking about why rationing was introduced and how people kept going through difficult times.  This topic will also focus on the geography of Europe, and we will be using ‘The Sound of Music’ to help us on our journey of discovery too.

Science will be taken by Mrs Peacock, and this term Year 5 will be learning about Forces and Motion, linked with our topic on World War 2.

In English we will be learning how to write newspaper reports.  We will also be learning the skills of diary writing from different people’s perspectives through the study of ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’  and ‘Rose Blanche’ over the next six weeks.  Finally we will be looking at play scripts, and writing our own short scripts set during WW2.

Spelling is a focus for us as a school this term, and in Rowling class we will all be learning key spelling patterns using all of our senses.  Research has shown that the best way to ensure long term retention of new information is to learn it in many different ways.  Each week we will have a different spelling focus, and children will be given the opportunity every day to learn these patterns using different senses.  One day we might be saying the pattern out loud, another day we might be hunting for our pattern in our reading books, and another day we might be solving anagrams.  Most importantly though we will hopefully be having fun learning these rules.  Some children will have their own personal spelling lists to learn, which will be based on previous year’s patterns they may not have consolidated alongside our daily diet of spelling, while children who enjoy the challenge of spelling more complicated words will be given crosswords and activities which look at the etymological features of words.

I will send home a termly overview for spelling with the children in their ‘Home/School Reading Log’. I will also include any individual word your child is working on for your information.

Our class reader this term is ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’.  We have six copies in school which the children will use during guided reading sessions, but if you would like to buy a book for your child, this would be an excellent choice.

In Maths we are beginning work on the year 5 maths curriculum, however we will also be working on areas of both year 4 and year 3 where some children may have gaps.

Rowling Maths MTP Term 1and 2

We use the Big Maths approach, which aims to ensure all children have mastered prior skills before moving onto new learning.  Deepening and enriching children’s understanding by giving them opportunities to apply their knowledge in problem solving activities, have fluency in their thinking and have a solid understanding of all the basic number skills is at the heart of this approach.  We will continue to test children’s fluency in times tables and mental number skills on a weekly basis in class.  All children should have rapid recall of all multiplication facts up to 12 x 12 by the end of year 4.  Please see either myself or Mrs Peacock if you would like further ideas on how to support your child with these.


Alongside all of this maths learning the ‘Beat That’ challenges will continue. We are so proud of how the children have risen to this challenge, thank you for all your support at home with these.

Forest School will begin on a Wednesday afternoon for the second half the class, while the other half of the class go swimming.  You should know which group your child is, however if you are unsure please ask. If you have any Wednesday afternoons free to help, please let Mrs Munns know.

Our PE days this term will be Wednesday (Swimming) and Thursday; please ensure your child has a full named PE kit in school at all times.

Helpful Sites for Spelling and Maths Games

Dyslexia Games

Although a site to help those with dyslexia, these are great fun for all spellers.

Maths Games

Literacy Games

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