Assessment of individual children’s progress is ongoing. Records are kept for each child at the end of a topic or module of work. Assessments in English, Maths and Science take place in October and February, to provide a snapshot of achievement and help staff to plan for further progress. Parent/teacher interviews follow shortly after these assessments.


Year 6 pupils take SATs (standard assessment tests) in English(Reading and Spelling,Grammar and Punctuation), Maths and Science in May. The tests are marked externally and the results returned to the school in July. Writing is also assessed at the end of year 6, which is through teacher assessment of a range of writing from across the year.  This is then externally moderated.

Year 2 pupils also take SATs, but there is now greater emphasis placed on Teacher Assessment at this level. The Year 2 teacher in school marks these tests, which are then subject to external moderation.

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