Behaviour Parents Letter

Friday 8th September 2017

Dear Parents,

As the new academic year begins, we have streamlined the school rules and are adopting a new behaviour policy to encourage children to become respectful young people. We believe that mutual respect, self-discipline and social responsibility, all underlie good behaviour and we hope that the new policy will support us in this endeavor.

The three school rules are Be Ready, Be Respectful, Be Safe. We feel that these are all encompassing, and are easy for everyone to remember.

The children have all been told about the expectations and the consequences to certain actions.

On the playground at break and lunchtimes we now have a yellow and red card system. A yellow card will be given to children who repeatedly fail to use playground equipment safely, who repeatedly and deliberately ignore school rules or who ignore adult instructions in response to a moderate incident or argument. A yellow card means that a child’s behaviour will be monitored for 5 days. They will be expected to report to an adult on duty at the beginning and end of each break or lunchtime for the 5 days. At the end of this time the child will be allowed to play without checking in with an adult and the cards will be stored.

A red card will be given in response to serious breaches of the school rules for example: fighting, deliberately hitting, kicking, slapping, using offensive language or failure to comply with a request made by an adult. A red card means that a child will be asked to leave the playground and will not be allowed out to play for three days. They will be supervised during their time inside and they will be asked to complete a reflection form with an adult. Any red cards that are issued will be notified to parents.

We hope that you will support us in our efforts to further improve behaviour and thus make St James an even more pleasant place for all members of our community.




Janice Peacock

Head Teacher

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