We stress the importance of mutual respect, self-discipline and social responsibility, all of which underlie good behaviour.

Staff recognise and praise good behaviour as well as deal with bad behaviour.

Parents are immediately consulted if we consider a child’s behaviour is presenting a problem. Discussions are held in school and a plan of action is decided upon. The child is made aware that home and school are working together in his/her best interests. An Incident Log is kept at the school, and is monitored by a Governor.

In an extreme case, when a child is putting him/herself or other children at risk, he/she can be excluded from school. A written agreement setting out the conditions under which he/she will be allowed to return will then be discussed with and signed by the parents.



Pupils are divided into four merit groups – Phoenix, Griffin, Pegasus and Ghillie Dhu. Merits are given for effort and achievement in all aspects of school life, particularly those which reflect our school values of respect, perseverance and trust. Bronze, silver and gold merit awards are given when certain targets have been reached. The team with the most merits at the end of each term has an extra playtime, playing games with the parachute. We also celebrate children’s achievement by choosing a Star of the Week which is announced in assembly every Friday.

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