Cycle Training

Tales of the RoadWhere volunteers and spaces are available, year 6 students will be offered the chance to complete the cycle training course.

Please familiarise yourself with:

The course:
  • The course is run by qualified volunteers and takes place on the roads around Hanney.
    It is essential that the children are well behaved and focused throughout.
  • Your child’s bicycle must be in a good roadworthy condition and will be checked by the course instructors(s) during the first session. Any repairs or maintenance needed to make the bike road-safe MUST be carried out for your child to remain on the course.
  • Your child’s bicycle must fit them properly. As a guide: with their bottom on the seat, the balls of their feet should be touching the floor.
    Bikes that are too large or too small can be hard to safely control.
  • A correctly fitting helmet must be worn always during the training (no cracks or broken outer shell). Please also ensure that your child is dressed appropriately for the training and weather conditions.
  • The bike and helmet need to be in school every Tuesday for all of the sessions.
  • Homework will be given out each week (all the answers will be in the booklet that will have been supplied) and we would expect it would take approx. 15 mins.
  • Have been out on their bike to practise each week to gain confidence
  • The course is 5 afternoon sessions, then a written test (very similar to the homework and all answers will be in the Tales of the Road), then a practical test. (7 sessions in total)
  • Children need to have been at all 6 pre-practical sessions to be allowed to do the final practical test.
The first week takes place in the school playground. The children will learn to check their bikes and their helmets. If there are any issues with either these MUST be rectified before the 2nd session. Children will not be allowed out on the road unless these are sorted (for safety reasons).
This first session allows the children to show that they are confident in controlling their bicycles. Your child should have experienced riding a bicycle and have reasonable bike control. The instructor(s) will observe this during the Level 1 session on the playground and assess if your child is ready for ‘on road’ training. For example, they will be asked to stop their bike safely. They will also be asked to hold their arm out (one at a time) for 3 seconds, while steadily continuing to cycle forward. These kind of basic requirements will help us know that they are safe to be on the road for the other sessions.
Places are limited so we ask that the above is fully considered. If you have any further questions please ask at the office.

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