Extreme Reading

Thursday 7th September 2017

To Parents/carers,

In order to promote reading across the school, we have created a temporary library in the hall. As part of the library area we would like to fill it with photos of children from St James reading.

Perhaps your child would like to take on the challenge of showing some extreme reading?

Where is the most extreme place your child has ever read a book? Whether it is up a tree, on top of a mountain or whilst bouncing on a trampoline, we want your photos!

We will run a competition for the most extreme places reading has taken place. A display will also be made from the photos.

Obviously, we encourage you to keep safe, but we are really looking forward to seeing who in school has such a passion for reading that they have to do it anywhere and everywhere!

In addition to this, we would like to encourage your child or children to take photos of other people reading. Perhaps they can persuade their football coach to bring their favourite book to this week’s lesson, take a photo of a grandparent reading or they could even try to write to a celebrity and ask them to share a photo of them engrossed in their favourite book!

We look forward to receiving your photos.

Many thanks,


Mrs Smith

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