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Welcome to Inkpen Class – Foundation

Mrs Wilkinson
Mrs Wilkinson
Class Teacher
Inkpen Class – Foundation
Mrs Townsend
Mrs Townsend
Associate Teacher
Inkpen Class – Foundation

Class Teacher: Mrs Wilkinson & Associate Teacher: Mrs Townsend
TA: Mrs Smith

Here you will be able to find out what is happening in our class as the year progresses, I hope you find this useful.
We generally work on a topic based curriculum linked to our literacy theme.




Stars of the Week are chosen each week for anything from always being ready to learn to making fantastic progress in key areas of learning. The stars receive a certificate and golden sticker in Whole School Celebration assembly. this will begin in Term 2 for Inkpen.

Autumn Term 2, 2018: Light & Dark Topic Web (2 weeks), Traditional Tales Topic Web (3 weeks)  Christmas Topic Web  (3 weeks)

The children have now settled in well to their new routines and are embracing their new learning environment.

We will be using our newly acquired knowledge of the children to plan their learning journeys through the topics above.

We hope that you are also feeling confident with our ‘focus child’ parent teacher meetings which are on going. These help us to catch up with families and help the children with their learning at home.

The children are continuing to learn about behaviours for learning through our learning Super Heroes e.g. Super Chooser, Have a Go Hero. The badges that the children earn are on display in the classroom. We are also reflecting on the 3 characteristics of learning; Playing and Exploring, Active Learning, Creative and Critical Thinking.

Personal, Social and Health Education

Core Value: Respect

Common School Values :

September: Kindness

October: Tolerance

November: Co-operation

December: Caring

This month the children are learning to get along with each other by sharing, taking turns and being kind. We are also looking at Growth Mindset and how our brain is a muscle.

Literacy and Communication

The children are spending time on the carpet learning good behaviours for learning such as good listening, good looking, good thinking.

Phonics and Reading

We hope you are enjoying the story sacks and managing to read together in the home environment. The children generally love to tell the story using the toy provided. If you would like your book changed please return on a Friday. If it has been lost then please let us know. Please take this opportunity to develop your own and your child’s interest in stories and reading, we continue to endeavour to instil a lifelong love of books and stories with all our families.

Your child will also continue to receive their reading books. We will try to read with all children in the class once a week. We will fill in the journal when we do, please could you do the same.

The children receive a directed phonics session everyday at school to enable them to begin to read for themselves and begin their own love of stories. We will continue to consolidate single letter sounds and blending these to read simple words such as ‘sat’ ‘pin’  The children will also begin to learn to segment words into all their sounds in order to begin to write simple words phonically.


We are beginning to consolidate the children’s recognition of the numbers 1-10 and quantifying them. We will develop this learning and continue to consolidate and play with these numbers, learning about how they work together. We will also look at measure this term.

Family Toolkit

This is a series of optional fun activities which you can do with your child at home to help develop maths. More information will be available in October.

Understanding the World

We hope to tap into the children’s natural curiosity for the world around them and develop the children’s natural curiosities. Additionally, each fortnight the Robins and Chaffinches will spend an afternoon in Forest School, based in one of our nature areas. Here they will learn about the creatures in the wood and how they survive through structured play and fun activities, again lead by the children’s own curiosities.

Forest School

At the beginning of each term I send out a rota for volunteers for Forest School. Please be aware that we need to have volunteers every week for Forest School to happen. This is for the safety of all involved. If we do not have the volunteers we cannot run the session, please look out for the rotas.


We will be learning about New life and awe and wonder using stories from the Old Testament; Creation and Noah’s Ark and of course, Christmas.

As always, if you have any questions or would like to talk about your child with one of our team then please let us know.

Mrs Sharon Wilkinson

Mrs Sharon Townsend



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