Holidays & Attendance


Recent changes by the government now means that parents are not permitted to take their children on holiday during the academic year.  Schools have been given the right to fine parents who choose to take their children out of school, and any such absence will be classified as unauthorised.  As a school we appreciate that there are times when it is necessary to take leave during a school term, in exceptional circumstances and we would now ask that you discuss these requests in person with the headteacher.


Good attendance will have a positive effect on your child’s achievement at school. If your child has to be absent, it is vitally important that you contact us by telephone or email, before 9.30am on the first day of the absence.
Every non-attendance must be accounted for by the school. It is for this reason, and for reasons of safety, that we may phone you to confirm or explain your child’s absence. However, not all non-attendance will be defined as authorised. You must have a very good reason to keep your child off school, eg illness.

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