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Focus on Year 3

This week in Science we have been learning about shadows. We got some inspiration from watching ‘What a Wonderful World – Hand Puppet Show’. This weeks’ question was ‘How does the distance between the shadow puppet and the screen affect the size of the shadow?’ We made our own hand puppets and used what we learned to make our own shadow puppet. These are some of the things we found out…

I found out that you would make a shadow by getting an opaque object and putting it in a light. You make a shadow bigger and smaller by placing it closer to the light to make it bigger and to make it smaller you place it further away from the light. To make a colour you cut a hole where you want a colour and then stick the translucent material the colour you want on it. Transparent materials are no good because there is no colour on it! Isabel

A shadow is made when an opaque object is put in front of a light and the object stops the light. If I make a shadow puppet and move it closer it gets smaller. If I move my shadow puppet further away it gets bigger. To get a different colour you cut a hole and stick a translucent bit over the hole. Make sure it’s not transparent. Poppy

You need light and an opaque object to make a shadow. If light is shining on an opaque object it blocks the light so you see a shadow. To make your shadow bigger put it further away from the screen. To make it smaller you put it closer to the screen. You can make shadows with your hands. Jacob

I found out opaque materials are the best for making shadow puppets because translucent and transparent materials don’t because they let the light in. The shadow puppet gets smaller the closer it gets bigger the further you get. Do not put colour on your puppet unless under it there’s a hole. Thomas.

The Club@St James will be open throughout the May half term holiday. Do please book on through Parentmail if you would like your child to attend.

Class photos were booked for this Wednesday, but unfortunately the company have had to cancel. As soon as we have a new date I will let you know.

Our collective worship value for May is


We will be looking out for children showing this value over the month and star learner certificates will be awarded as a result.

Diary Dates

  • Wednesday 12th May – Class photos (CANCELLED)

  • Wednesday 19th May – Bags to School

  • Week beginning 24th May – Fab finish for yrs 3,4 and 5

  • Friday 28th May – End of Term 5

  • Tuesday 1st June – Friday 4th June – Holiday Club

  • Monday 7th June – Start of Term 6

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