Newsletter 11th September

St James Primary School Newsletter

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As we come to the end of week two of the new term it is good to sit back and look at how things have worked since the start of term.

It has been lovely to see the children running into school with such huge smiles on their faces. One thing that we need to be aware of is the drop off times. The reason behind the staggered start is to allow children time to wash hands before the start of the school day without too much delay and also to make sure that parents are able to socially distance on the playground and paths leading up to school. It is important that children arrive on time for drop off and not too early.

Adults are the people who are most at risk from the virus, so I must ask please that you adhere to the guidelines whilst on the school site. Failure to do this will mean that we will have to ask everyone entering the site to wear a face covering.

We would also ask that any visitor entering the building, wear a face covering, even if you are just popping in to reception. Of course, most enquiries can be safely answered via email or telephone call.

Please help us to keep the whole St James family safe.

The Club@St James is up and running again. There are spaces available for all sessions. Please use parentmail to book sessions. If you are unable to book, it could be that the sessions have closed but there are still spaces, in this case please email and Katherine will be able to let you know what sessions are available. When dropping off at The Club in the morning, please DO NOT park in the school car park. Members of staff are arriving at this time and we need to make sure that everyone stays safe.

As you will know we are using hand sanitiser at some points during the day to minimise the loss of learning time, whilst still keeping the community safe. We have hand sanitiser in school and this will be used under adult supervision, unless you have contacted your class teacher to ask for this not to happen. Please do not send your child to school with hand sanitiser, this causes an extra hazard for the children in school.

The cost of school dinners are £2.50 a day. Please make sure that this money is paid in advance through the Parentmail system.

Children in Inkpen, Rosen and Nicols classes are entitled to a free school meal. This year there are no jacket potatoes available. We are running a bi-weekly menu, copies attached to this newsletter.

The menu for next week:

  • Monday – Pasta Bolognaise, broccoli, homemade flap jack. Vegetarian bolognaise
  • Tuesday – Sausage, mash, peas and gravy, homemade chocolate sponge and custard Vegetarian sausage
  • Wednesday – Roast chicken dinner with apple crumble and custard Vegetarian – veggie sausage
  • Thursday – Pizza, diced potatoes and sweet corn. Vanilla sprinkle sponge Vegetarian – Veggie pizza
  • Friday – Fish finger, chips and beans Vegetarian – veggie sausage roll

Diary Dates

  • Week beginning 14th September – Husting week for election to School Council

  • Thursday 1st October – Harvest Festival

  • Friday 9th October – #Hello Yellow

  • Friday 23rd October – INSET day

  • Tuesday 3rd November – Start of Term 2

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