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Focus on Year 4

Our Big Question: Why is music enjoyed around the world?

This week’s focus in music has been African djembe drumming.

We found out that, Djembe drum originated in West Africa. It a wooden drum topped with goat skin. We learnt that blacksmith were probably the first people used to be the make the drums, as the cut down the trees. Traditionally, only people to born into the djembe family would play Dejmbe drums. Djembe music was performed during occasions such as rituals and weddings.

In our first lesson, we learnt some call and response rhymes. We began by saying each rhyme, Miss Cook would begin by saying “what are we playing” and we would respond by saying “djembe drums”. Once we got the hang of this, we played it on the drums, getting faster and faster. Then once we learnt all four rhymes Miss Cook stopped saying the rhymes and mixed them up, so we had to listen very carefully.

In our second lesson, we learnt 3 new rhythms. When we were all really confident, we got into our different groups. Miss Cook started the first group of with the first rhyme then each group had a different rhyme that they had to play trying to keep in time.

We thought it was absolute amazing and can’t wait to perform at our carnival. By Romy, Georgia, Reggie.

Mrs Wenger has some spaces for guitar tuition – if your child would like to begin guitar lessons please contact Mrs Wenger on

There are a few stepping stones left to sponsor for the path to the new summer house.

If you would like to sponsor a stepping stone (£5) that your child would paint before we lay the path do please contact the office.

Exciting News

Frankie has recently been assessed to become a Pets as Therapy dog.

I am happy report that he passed and we are just waiting for all the paperwork to be processed.

Frankie Peacock

Diary Dates

  • Wednesday 19th May – Bags to School

  • Wednesday 19th May Class Photos

  • Week beginning 24th May – Fab finish for yrs 3,4 and 5

  • Friday 28th May – Year 1 Sleepover

  • Friday 28th May – End of Term 5

  • Tuesday 1st June – Friday 4th June – Holiday Club

  • Monday 7th June – Start of Term 6

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