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St James Primary School Newsletter

Respect Perseverance Trust

Welcome Back

Welcome back to Term 5 at St James – let’s hope that we can be in school for
the full term and get back to some semblance of normality. I hope you have
all had a restful Easter break and looking forwards to the new term.
Thank you to everyone who completed the online survey about
communication that was sent out just before we broke up. Having looked at
the feedback we received, you will see some changes to newsletters as we
move into this term.

I am saddened to have to ask parents again to be sure that the language
used on the school site and in the hearing of children is appropriate. Our
core values are Trust, Respect and Perseverance, we ask that all parents
ensure these values are respected.

Just before we broke up for the Easter Holidays, I received the above from a child in year 5. I couldn’t have put it better myself!

You may have noticed this bench outside school. It is a memorial bench donated to the school by the family of a child who was tragically killed at age 11, and was looking slightly worse for wear.

It has been re-vamped and is now in pride of place at the front of the school and ready for you to sit on as you wait for your child to come out of school.

Thank you to Mark who did all the hard work.

Our Collective Worship value for the month of April is INTEGRITY.

We will be looking at this value in collective worship throughout the month and also be on the lookout for children showing this value in their everyday lives.

Lunch this week is from week two of the menu.

  • Monday 19th April – Start of term 5

  • Tuesday 20th April – Year 2 online author visit

  • Friday 28th May – End of Term 5

  • Monday 7th June – Start of Term 6

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