At St James CE Primary School, we engender a sense of curiosity about Religions of the World through the use of Big Questions to develop and deepen knowledge and understanding. We encourage the children to ask questions to find out more about religions other than their own, to ensure that the children are well rounded, knowledgeable citizens who are respectful of the beliefs of other, both now and in the future. As a church school, we have a special relationship with the village church, St James, and this community relationship is an important part of building strong foundations for our children.  

Through our R.E curriculum we:

  • Encourage and develop curiosity about a wide range of religions of the world
  • Develop Wisdom, Knowledge and Skills about different religions and understand that people have different beliefs
  • Identify opportunities within the community to extend out learning beyond the school grounds; making purposeful links which encourage children to extend their knowledge and understanding through first hand experiences
  • Promote healthy lifestyles and mental wellbeing through understanding of how faith and spirituality can support us
  • Support pupils to achieve their full potential through a carefully planned and broad curriculum


Lessons in Religious Education are fundamentally important to our curriculum. By using the Discovery RE scheme of work, alongside the Oxfordshire Diocese Agreed Syllabus, we ensure that our children spend time learning about a range of religions. In KS1 children focus on Christianity and Judaism, children in KS2 learn about Christianity, Hinduism and Judaism.  RE at St James is predominantly taught weekly, for at least an hour, occasionally it is taught through themed days to fully immerse the children in the learning. R.E teaching is taught in numerous creative and engaging ways such as using puppets, drama, role play, art and story-telling to name but a few. This variety allows all children the opportunity to engage in their learning.

Teachers at St James have positive attitudes towards teaching RE through the use of inquiry based questions and a progressive curriculum. For example, the children study elements of the Easter story in every year of the school, however each year they look at it from a different perspective or time period, thus building on their prior learning and redefining their ideas.

Our whole school approach to the teaching and learning of RE involves the following:

  • Across the school, children learn their RE though Big Questions.
  • In Early Years, RE is taught weekly using Discover RE and through other significant Religious festivals. It links to Understanding the World and PSED.
  • In Key Stage One, RE is taught weekly. Four terms of the year focus on Christianity and two terms focus on Judaism. Work is predominantly evidence through class scrap books.
  • In Key Stage Two, RE is taught weekly. Three terms of the year focus on Christianity and three terms focus on one of either Judaism, Hinduism or Islam. Hinduism is taught in year 3 and year 5, Judaism is taught in year 4 and Islam is taught in year 6.
  • Work is recorded in class learning journals.
  • Collective worship is used to learn about stories based in religion and which reflect the Christian character of the school.

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