Useful websites for you and your children

Learning your tables

Here are some useful online resources that you may find helpful:
Hit the Button:
Disappearing tables: ppearing%20tables.swf
Multiplication puzzle: 20Flash%20Games/multiplicationpuzzle.swf
Multiple Madness:


We can provide resources for you from school, but the National Handwriting Association website is packed with useful tips, resources and information.

There is a section especially for parents:

Other useful sites include:


Advice and guidance for parents and carers for keeping children and young people safe is available on the Anti-Bullying Alliance website, which can be accessed online at:

Further advice and guidance is also available at:


Parents will have their own views about the benefits and challenges posed by technology, but it is important to stay informed, particularly of the dangers that can be posed by children using the Internet without proper supervision.
In school, we regularly remind children about the importance of communicating safely with others online and we highlight the importance of remembering that online ‘friends’ may not be who they say they are!
There are many useful websites where help, advice and support is available for parents, but we particularly recommend the following:

An e-safety kit for families can be downloaded at:
One resource that you may find particularly useful for younger children aged 3-7 years, is a storybook called ‘DigiDuck’s Big Decision’. It can be found on the Childnet site:
Vodaphone also provide an online magazine and website, packed full of useful advice.
You can find this at:

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