Vale Academy Trust

Building Brilliant Futures Together

The Vale Academy Trust‘s Vision:

The Vale Academy Trust is a family of schools recognised for providing exceptional, stimulating, inclusive learning opportunities in a safe, happy environment where all can flourish.

The Trust will the highest standards of achievement and personal growth for the young people in our schools and everyone that works for the Trust.

Through working together and sharing excellent practice, Vale Academy Trust schools will support the learning needs of all within our local communities, well into the future.

The Aims of the Vale Academy Trust:

  • All children will achieve to the peak of their ability, with access to a broad range of opportunities within their own school and across the Trust.
  • The Trust’s schools will provide the best teaching and learning environment possible for all children and staff in a collaborative environment.
  • The Trust’s staff will have every opportunity to advance their careers within and outside of the Trust through collaborative working, sharing best practice and benefiting from continuous professional development.
  • Every Trust school will provide a safe, happy and caring atmosphere for everyone.
  • Inclusivity and access for all will underpin the curriculum in all Trust schools.
  • The Trust will build strong local and national reputation and be recognised as a highly successful multi academy trust.

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