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Dear Parent / Carer,

Vale Academy Trust Primary Schools Choir – King Alfred’s Academy East Site

I am writing to inform you of an exciting music project, now in its’ second year in the Vale Academy Trust for primary school children.  The Vale Academy Trust Primary Choir will be starting again at KA’s Academy East Site.  At present, the choir is open to Year 4/5/6 children from all 5 VAT primary schools. Sessions will begin on Monday 25th September and will run from 4:15 – 5pm. The choir will run every Monday from then until the final rehearsal which will be on Monday 4th December.  There will be no choir rehearsals in half term holidays, on bank holidays or INSET days.

I want the choir to be inclusive, so to that end there will be no auditions to pass, but in order for the children to get the most out of the sessions they will need to be:  able to carry a tune, enthusiastic, willing to perform, and committed to attend all rehearsals.  Our aim will be to perform at Trust and community events during the school year.

As there may be a large number of children attending from the different schools, it will be the parent’s responsibility to bring and collect their children. If you would like your child to attend, please complete the slip on the attached page, including emergency contact details, how your child will be collected, any important medical information, and return it to your child’s school office as soon as possible.

I will collect all return slips on Thursday 21st September, when a letter will then be sent to children, confirming their place.

I look forward to seeing your child at the choir!

Yours sincerely,



Gordon Campbell (VAT Primary Music Leader)


Name of Child                                                                                               School                                                                          

I would like my child to attend the VAT choir, and understand that it is my responsibility to bring and collect my child from the sessions.

Name of parent / carer (capitals please)                                                                                                                                 

Relationship to child                                                                              

Signature of parent / carer                                                                                                                                           

Parent’s phone number                                                                                                                                                                  

Emergency contact details:




Please indicate below how your child will be collected from the choir:

My child will

  1. Walk home by themselves                               b) Be collected by parent
  2. c) Be collected by other named adult (please supply the name of the adult and a contact telephone number below)


  1. d) Other (please specify)



Medical Information

Please note any important medical information about your child which you feel it is important for me to be aware of eg asthma inhalers, severe allergic reactions etc.


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