Vision and Intent

Building on Strong Foundations – Matthew 7:24-27

St James School is a welcoming, warm, secure learning environment where our focus is the well-being of each member of our school family. Our core Christian values provide strong foundations on which we can all develop and flourish to have the confidence to be aspirational, independent, spirited and creative.

Our intent is shaped by our five core strands:-

Core Christian Values

Intent Statement
At St James our intention is for all pupils to be filled with curiosity about themselves and the world around them. We encourage them to ask big questions, some of which they will not answer straight away. They will develop a thirst for knowledge in a supportive environment where mistakes can be celebrated and become learning opportunities. We recognise the importance of an individual’s spiritual development that allows all pupils at St James to flourish. Our pupils will leave us with knowledge about how to make the right choices for themselves, to enable them to lead healthy and happy lifestyles both physically and mentally.
All children are encouraged to reach their full potential through a wide range of opportunities and activities both academic and throughout the wider curriculum. Being an active member of our school and the wider community is important as we send our children on the next stage of education.

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